Toby Rose College Discussion Event Rescheduled for After Vacation

Toby Rose 

College Discussion Brunch

rescheduled for after vacation!

Have A Great Summer!

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Raise awareness while putting in the work to accomplish pertinent change. 

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Professionals in the Miami/South Florida area come together with students and their friends to thrive and learn from each other. 

Our goals change throughout the year as we accomplish them.  

Summer Camp scholarships and any additional financial assistance necessary for the day to day 

attendance of a successful camp experience is always a fundraising priority.  

We are currently working with community service leaders, churches and counselors to present 

interest based enrichment camp opportunities and college prep resources.  

We started providing camp scholarships with local partners in 2010 for families whose circumstances were greatly improved knowing that their children were thriving all day with mentors, coaches, and peers sharing similar interests in a wide range of activities.

Positive Peer Pressure 

Interrupt Miami, Inspire The World

Calendar Update

The Toby Rose College Discussion Brunch


This event will be rescheduled due to local school testing requirements occurring throughout May and June. 

Counselors are working very hard at this time to 

maintain compliance with testing initiatives  

which limits their availability to connect with parents and students 

who would be best supported by the 

advisement events we have organized. 

After discussing the proposed date with a counselor in the school system, it was thought to be in the best interest of the students to reschedule events for after the start of the school year. 

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Language Socials - This Summer





Kids will guide kids to strengthen their use of foreign languages through organized activities.  

These fun experiences will provide leadership opportunities to kids with a strong command of their native language. 

Extracurricular activities will be scheduled in Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, and German. 

We will also maintain skill building scholarships for kids with the greatest need to allow them an opportunity to experience the professional resources available after-school and in the summertime. 

Managing the transportation needs of students with local partners and providing the supplies necessary for students to succeed in these programs will be a continual fundraising goal. 

Many kids will need gear for their adventures!

For our camp campaigns, learning to swim will be a topic of discussion.


Que Countdown... 

Providing access to safe and qualified environments will be helpful but not possible without scholarship funds that will also provide swim attire, towels, and water shoes when needed.  Cleats for sports camps and appropriate clothing will make for a more confident participant in sports programs. 

Lunches and snacks to feel complete and ready to be enriched will be provided by 

delivery partners thanks to your generous donations.  

Your treasure will inspire a generation of future leaders. 

We can break the cycle of failure and enable kids to work at their highest possible level 

if they are given a chance to be surrounded by success and hope. 

You will empower students to confidently share what they have learned with others 

because someone believed that they too deserve to thrive and succeed. 

Thank you for your consideration!

Interrupt Miami, Inspire The World

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